Scrum Adoption in Nigeria - The Benefits and Challenges

Friday March 19, 2021 13:00 WAT / 8:00 AM EDT (12:00 UTC)

As the world advances technologically in meeting human needs by creating seamless, intelligent and automated systems, agility has become not only a requirement to do business but a must have for every forward thinking organization.

Scrum is an Agile framework that helps people, teams and organizations generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems, hence it is being widely adopted by teams and organizations around the world and Nigeria is no exception.

This webinar with Professional Scrum Trainer Martin Hinshelwood, Emeka Unachukwu, Head of Training Programs and Anthony Dele Daniel, Training Director from Jolsons-Chi, along with Grace Johnson will explore Scrum adoption in Nigeria and explain the benefits of learning and applying Professional Scrum. The purpose of this webinar is to:

  • Outline the challenges of Agile and Scrum adoption in Nigeria and how these can be overcome.
  • Help software developers/manufacturers and tech startups in Nigeria understand the importance of the Scrum framework and how it can be applied to deliver valuable incremental software.
  • Explain why the Scrum framework is used as global best practice in delivery of valuable software and undertaking complex work.
  • Introduce and its Professional Scrum training offerings

Our Speakers

Grace Johnson

Grace is a trustee at The Agile20Reflect Festival, Agile enthusiast and Educator. She is also a certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM 1).


Emeka Oscar Unachukwu, Head of Training Programs, Jolsons-Chi 

Emeka is a seasoned professional facilitator in Project Management and an Agile/Scrum Coach. He worked as a Business Project Manager in the Oil and Gas sector for almost 5 years. Within the time period he became certified as a Project Management Professional with Project Management Institute (PMI) in 2013. Afterwards he became a Project Management Consultant/Facilitator for various organizations within the Oil and Gas, Media, Telecommunication, Banking, Insurance and other Software Development company. Currently, he heads training programs in Jolsons-Chi Services.


Anthony Dele Daniel, Training Director, Jolsons-Chi

Anthony is a seasoned professional facilitator in Project Management and an Agile/Scrum Coach. He has worked as a Project Manager with Vodacom Business Nigeria and INQ digital Africa in the last 9 years. As an Agile Coach, Anthony has consulted for various Software Development Industries in adopting the Scrum Framework. These include INQ digital Nigeria and the Ha-Shem Network Nigeria etc.


Martin Hinshelwood, Professional Scrum Trainer

Martin Hinshelwood is a Professional Scrum Trainer. Professional Kanban Trainer, and Microsoft MVP: Development Technologies. He has been Consulting, Coaching, and Training in DevOps & Agility since 2010 and has been delivering software since 2000. Since 2008 Martin has helped many organisations and has trained 1000+ people in 37 countries around the world. He is based in Scotland & Mexico and offers Scrum training courses with certification all over the world. He trains and coaches Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Developers and organisations in their evolution toward business agility.